Ujarassiorit is a mineral hunt competition where everyone in Greenland can submit samples of rocks they have found in the countryside for closer examination by the Ministry of Mineral Resources.

Ujarassiorit started in 1989 and has now become a tradition in Greenland. This is a unique project with no comparison anywhere in the world. The collected samples have on several occasions caused foreign companies to initiate exploration projects in Greenland. Ujarassiorit is managed and financed by the Greenland Government via the Ministry of Mineral Resources. 

Ujarassiorit can be characterized as grassroots exploration. The aim is to involve and make use of the Greenlandic people's local knowledge in connection with the hunt for new finds by the geologists, and also to create a greater interest in and knowledge of minerals, rocks and mineral exploration in Greenland. It is our experience that it is mineral hunters in all ages who send in rock samples to Ujarassiorit.

It is free to send in rock samples to Ujarassiorit. The shipping material is handed out at every post office from where the rock samples can be sent free of postage. A visual description of each sample is done by a geologist and the submitter receives a letter with information about the rock type, what kind of minerals the rock sample consists of and whether or not the sample has been sent to chemical analysis. When the results of the analysis are available, the submitter receives another letter with the results of the chemical data.

The interest for the mineral hunt is great, with over 500 submitted samples each year. About 1/4 of the rock samples are sent for chemical analysis. It is among other things on the basis of these results that the winners of the mineral hunt is selected by the judges. The judges are geologists from the Ministry of Mineral Resources and the National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS).