Petra Bidstup from Kullorsuaq wins the first prize of the year’s version of the mineralhunt campaign Ujarassiorit and receives DKK 55,000.

She has found a sulfide-ore rich rock at the vicinity of Kullorsuaq settlement, north of Upernavik. The rock contains 1.1 percent zinc and it gives a new indication of presence of zinc-mineralizations in Kullorsuaq area. A joint project between Government of Greenland and GEUS started in 2015 investigates the zinc potential of northern West Greenland and will continue in 2016. Zinc is primarily applied as anti-corrosion agent and is used in electric batteries.

The 2nd prize of DKK 25,000 goes Peter Filemonsen from Sisimiut, who has found a sulfide ore sample with elevated content of nickel (0.2 %) and anomalously elevated cobalt and platinum-group. The rock sample indicates mineralizations of nickel and platinum-group elements are present in Sisimiut area.

Two 3rd prizes of DKK 10,000 each have been awarded:

  • The first 3rd prize goes to Jonathan Davidsen from Qeqertarsuatsiaat, who has found and submitted a sample of green amazonite. Amazonite is a green feldspar mineral which finds an application as gemstone.

  • The other 3rd prize is awarded to Enok Skade from Ukkusissat who has submitted quartz-rich rock samples from Karrat Island north of Uummannaq with elevated contents of platin (0.2 grams per tons) and palladium (0.04 grams per tons).

Four 4th prizes of each DKK 5,000 are awarded:

  • A sample of bedrock from the northeastern part of the island Ammalortoq, north of Nanortalik with a gold-content on 0.2 grams per tons. The rock collector is Kristian Isaksen from Alluitsup paa.

  • A sample from Qatsissuarsuk in Kangerlussuaq-fiord with elevated content in copper (0.5 %) and palladium (0.4 grams per tons). The rock is found by Godmann Filemonsen from Sisimiut.

  • A sulfide-rich rock from Savissivik-area similar to banded iron formation-ore. The sample contains 21.4 % iron and copper (0.1 %). The sample is collected by Qaerngâq Nielsen from Savissivik.

  • A magnetite-ore rich sample with content of iron over 50 % from Sondre Isortoq east of Maniitsoq.The rock collector is Iver Lyberth from Maniitsoq.

Ujarassiorit, which is a national mineral hunt for amateur geologists, has now run for 28 years. From every post office, residents of Greenland can, free of charge, send in samples for further geological examination. Further information regarding Ujarassiorit can be found on the website

Ujarassiorit is run and financed by the Government of Greenland.

Hudson Resources Inc., IronbarkZinc Ltd. and North American Nickel have each sponsored DKK 10,000 to the total prize amount.

 For additional information please contact geologist Jonas Petersen on phone number: +299 34 65 49 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.