Rules of participation

  •  You must have a permanent address in Greenland.
  • The competition is for non-professionals only.
  • Only samples from Greenland can be submitted. Only samples with an exact description of the finding place will qualify for a prize.
  • Each cardboard box should contain only one rock sample.
  • The sample should preferably have the same size as a fist.
  • The sample should preferably be from an outcrop.
  • The submitted samples will not be returned.
  • Your sample must be received before October 1st to take part in the mineral hunt of the year in question.
  • A committee consisting of geologists from the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and the National Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) decides which samples are to be awarded a prize.
  • Samples from known mineralizations or deposits cannot be awarded a prize unless they reveal new infomation about the deposit.
  • The sampling must not take place in areas with an issued exploitation license according to the Minerals Act in Greenland. Existing municipal regulations are to be taken into account aswell.
  • Participants of Ujarassiorit do not achieve rights according to the Minerals Act in Greenland.

Submittance of rocks
If you find an interestering rock and want to submit it to Ujarassiorit, you must go to your local post office. Here you will get a cardboard box in which you can send the sample for free. In addition there is a delivery note that you must fill out with your name, address, phone number, finding place and information about whether the rock sample is taken in situ or is a loose rock sample. The delivery note must be sent with the sample. At the post office there are also maps of your local area, on which you should mark the finding place. The map must be sent with the sample.

Geological description of the rocks
To begin with, the received rocks will be described by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources' geologists and everyone who has sent in samples will receive a letter with the results. The particularly interestering rocks - usually around one fourth of the total - will be sent to a laboratory for further chemical analysis. These results will also be sent to the participants. The results of the analyses will be registered in a database that is accessible on this homepage.

Awarding the prizes
The winners of Ujarassiorit are chosen by a committee consisting of geologists from the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources and GEUS. The assessment is based among other things on the results of the analyses.

The Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources decides, based on the assessment, which of the localities of the prizewinning samples will be investigated further.