Niels Berthelsen from Upernavik wins the 1st prize of this year's Ujarassiorit-competition and receives a tax free amount of DKK 55,000. He found a sulfide-ore rich rock on Kangeq south of Attu this year during a break from his boat cruise from Upernavik to Maniitsoq, where his family was going to celebrate his mother's birthday. The rock that he found, he submitted to Ujarassiorit.

Analysis of the sulfide rich rock revealed elevated contents of cobalt (0.2 %) and 0.25 % copper and lead, giving indication of previously unknown sulfide mineralizations with cobalt, copper and lead south of Attu. The jury emphasizes that the winning sample has been collected from in-situ bedrock with a precise indication of the sampling locality and the fact that the sample has an adequate size.

The 2nd prize of DKK 25,000 tax-free went to Kevin Isaksen from Aappilattoq, who submitted a quartz-rich rock with visible gold (382 gram gold per metric ton ore) and arsenic (0.24 %) The sample is found in the Kangerluarsuk area north of Narsaq, where no findings of gold have been done before.

Two 3rd prizes of DKK 10,000 were awarded:

  • The first 3rd prize was awarded to Inge Angenold from Tasiilaq, who submitted a rock sample with a high content of molybdenum (335 g per ton ore) from the Tiniteqilaaq area; an area which may hold a large potential due to the presence of large granites in the area.
  • The other 3rd prize went to Johannes Jeremiassen from Niaqornaarsuk, who submitted a sulphide-ore rich rock from the easternmost of the Nuussuaq-peninsula. The sample contains 32.5 % lead, 0.89 % zinc and 238 g/t silver.


Four 4th prizes of each DKK 5,000 tax-free were awarded:

  • A rock sample from Uummannaq with high content of zinc (4.05 %) and fluorite. The sample was collected by Sara Kristiansen from ummannaq.
  • A dark rock with high contents of copper (3.02 %), lead 81.53 %) and zinc (0.46 %); found in Maniitsoq by Bobbi Petrussen and Jakob Skifte.
  • A sulfide-ore rich rock with elevated contents of gold (4.06 g/t), copper (0.37 %), lead (0.69 %) and silver 320 g/t). The sample has been collected near Sermiligaaq by Lasarus Mikaelsen from Tasiilaq.
  • A sulphide-ore rich sample found by Karl-Peter Jakobsen near Arsuk with elevated gold (0.35 g/t) and arsenic (238 g/t).


This year 858 rock samples have been submitted to Ujarassiorit. This is a clear increase compared to the numbers of samples that have been submitted in the last three years.

Ujarassiorit, which is a national mineral hunt for amateur geologists, has now run for 25 years. From every post office, residents of Greenland can, free of charge, send in rock samples for further geological examination. Further information regarding Ujarassiorit can be found on this website.

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Ujarassiorit is run and financed by the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, the Government of

The Bank of Greenland Industrial Fund and Greenland Minerals and Energy A/S have contributed with DKK 40,000 to the total prize amount:

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NunaMinerals A/S has contributed with DKK 10,000 to the total prize amount:


For additional information please contact geologist Jonas Petersen on phone number: +299 34 65 49 or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.